We regenerate dead and low performing traction and stationary batteries, effectively doubling the life of battery assets. We not only save clients 60% plus in costs, but also reduce carbon footprint and waste streams.


To the end of 2022,
we’ve helped

our clients:

160000 Tonnes

Reduced CO2 emissions


Batteries Regenerated


Waste Diverted from Landfills

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We regenerate all types of industrial batteries, including NiCad, AGM, Lead Acid and Gel.

The regeneration of industrial batteries on average saves 60-70% on the cost of replacement batteries. At Hexagon, we utilise the best regeneration technology in the market and offer this service for more battery types than any of our competitors. Our regenerators operate to 1500 amperes, which means we deliver a higher currency at deeper frequencies, giving you a superior quality of regenerated battery with much faster regeneration times.

Recharging low performing batteries may lead to wasted electricity whilst witnessing a reduction in operating time and performance in what are often critical applications. Regenerated batteries give you back your operating time and the ability to accept a full recharge efficiently. This reduces your cost whilst maximising your asset life by rejuvenating your aging battery fleet. Our Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) offer regular battery health checks, regeneration, and the maintenance of the greatest value and efficiency from your battery fleets.

Regenerating your industrial batteries extends their value as an asset, living beyond their original performance specification.

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A 360-degree service

We offer a full 360-degree service of new supply, regeneration, and waste retrieval of your battery fleet. We also offer a full range of battery consumables and accessories.

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Our customers in the UAE

We’ve helped over 200 customers regenerate more than 10,000 batteries, in the period to the end of 2022. Click here to see how we’re saving our clients.

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